Tiffany & Co.


Gallery trays ($123.87) and 7-inch Revere bowls ($157.87).  9-inch Revere bowls (192.00)

All items are available for custom order.

 Pewter Bead Boxes ($72.12), and Georgetown cups ($77.39) are in stock. 
All items are available for custom order.

Riedel Syrah Decanter

Tankard pitcher ($149.75--left), Woven platter ($88--center), and Riedel Syrah Decanter, ($75.33 -- right)

All items in stock.




Cushion Crystal BowlTiffany & Co. Executives Carafes


Cushion bowl in crystal. 6" diameter ($61.54), Executive Carafes ($81.75)

Tiffany & Co. items not shown are also available for purchase through the Marshal's Office. Please visit the Tiffany & Co. site by clicking the logo above to view their entire catalog. Custom engraving and etching costs will vary (please allow 2 weeks for custom engraving).