Xian Jiaotong University delegation

November 28, 2016

The Chairman of the University Board of Xian Jiaotong University in China, Mr. Zhang Maizeng, visited Wadsworth House during a visit to Harvard which also included a meeting with administrators from the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Vice Provost for International Affairs, Mark Elliott, joined the University Marshal in receiving the delegation at Wadsworth House.

Tsinghua University delegation

October 12, 2016

Professor Han Jingyang, Vice Chair of the Tsinghua University Council, visited Harvard with some colleagues to explore possible collaborations on a service learning program for undergraduates. After a short welcome with the University Marshal, they met with representatives from the Harvard China Fund and the Office of Career Services.

Mayor of Shanghai

August 24, 2016

The Mayor of Shanghai, Yang Xiong, visited Harvard to learn more about Harvard Medical School’s Global Education programs and to facilitate expanding current programs to benefit Shanghai’s healthcare and medical community. The visit included a welcome at Wadsworth House with the University Marshal, tour of the Yard, and dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club. Senior Associate Dean for Global Education for the Medical School, Dr. Ajay Singh, hosted the visit. Vice Provost for International Affairs Mark Elliott and Medical School Dean for Graduate Education David Golan were also in attendance.

Chancellor of NYU Shanghai

July 19, 2016

The Chancellor of NYU Shanghai, Lizhong Yu, and Associate Vice Chancellor, Hongxia Liu, visited Harvard to meet with senior faculty and administrators. They visited Wadsworth House with Professor Bill Kirby before attending a small luncheon at the Harvard Faculty Club.

Ningbo University delegation

July 27, 2015

Man-Hong Shen, President of Ningbo University in China, visited Harvard as part of a multi-day trip to Boston which also included meetings at Boston University and the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. President Shen and his colleagues met with the University Marshal, signed the university guest book, and had a short tour of Harvard Yard before dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club.

All-China Youth Federation delegation

June 22, 2015

The Vice-President of the All-China Youth Federation, Mr. Zhou Changkui, visited Harvard while in the United States to participate in a diplomatic event in Washington, DC, aimed at fostering increased social and educational cooperation between the US and China. While at Harvard he and his colleagues had a tour of Harvard Yard with an undergraduate student tour guide, and met with the University Marshal at Wadsworth House.

Delegation from Peking University

January 21, 2015

A delegation of administrators from various departments at Peking University in China spent two days at Harvard. They learned about Harvard's library system, alumni relations, public affairs office, and Harvard history, and also visited the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, the Yenching Library, and the Harvard Innovation Lab. While at the Marshal's Office they had an in-depth conversation with Jackie O'Neill about what makes Harvard a global leader in education.

Admiral Wu Shengli

September 20, 2014

The Commander of the Chinese Navy, Admiral Wu Shengli, visited Harvard while in New England for a naval conference. Jackie O'Neill welcomed him to Harvard, and graduate students Adam Mitchell and Shuang Lu led him and his delegation on a tour of Harvard and discussion about student life. They also met with Dean of GSAS Xiao-Li Meng, GSAS Director of International Strategy at GSAS Hongping Tiang, and Professor Tad Oelstrom from the Harvard Kennedy School. Maggie Zong of the Harvard China Fund facilitated.

Tsinghua University delegation

July 24, 2014

Three officials from Tsinghua University visited Harvard to learn about its endowment management and various topics related to human resources. They met with University Marshal Jackie O'Neill and Associate Director of the Office of Treasury Management Theodora Konetsovska in Wadsworth House.

Chairman of Tsinghua University

August 29, 2013

The Chairman of the Tsinghua University University Council, Hu Heping, met with Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Xiao-Li Meng, in Wadsworth House during his visit to Harvard on August 29, 2013. The visit also included a meeting with Provost Alan Garber, a visit to the Kennedy School, and luncheon hosted by the Harvard China Fund.

Chongqing University

January 31, 2013

Lin Jianhua, President of Chongqing University in China, visited Wadsworth House and signed the guest book.