South & Central America


Country Do Dont Recommended Gifts

Image of flag of Brazil

  • Give name brands
  • Gadgets
  • Anything black or purple, the colors of mourning
  • Knives or handkerchiefs
  • Quality Pens

Image of flag of Chile

  •  Open any received gifts promptly in the presence of the giver and express thanks
  • Local crafts from your home country 
  • Give gifts, especially for children
  • Knives or  scissors
  • Refuse a gift
  • Leather appointment books
  • Quality pens
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Perfume

Image of flag of Mexico

  • Gifts with company logo
  • Gifts of sterling silver, since silver is associated with trinkets sold to tourists
  • Knives
  • Desk clocks
  • Quality Pens
  • Gold cigarette lighters
  • Crystal

Image of flag of Peru

  • Present gifts in relaxed social setting, usually after a formal meal
  • Gifts with significant connection to your home
  • Represent the company
  • Send thirteen of anything
  • Purple or black
  • Knives or handkerchiefs
  • Small electronic gadgets, especially with your company's initials/logo
  • Quality pens
  • Ties and scarves in natural fabrics