History of the University Marshal's Office

Morris Hickey Morgan was appointed Marshal of the Commencement Exercises in 1896. His title was changed by a corporation vote to University Marshal in 1908. Until the 1950's, the role of Marshal remained primarily concerned with the annual commencement exercises. In 1954, David M. Little, who had been Secretary to the Corporation since 1936, died. At that point his duties as "the Unviersity greeter" and authority on matters of protocol were reallocated to the University Marshal, where they remain to this day.

A History of University Marshals at Harvard:
1896-1909: Morris Hickey Morgan
1910: Barrett Wendell
1911-1928: John Warren
1929-1935: Philip Putnam Chase
1936-1951: Reginald Fitz
1952-1956: Powell Mason Cabot
1957-1965: James Hampden Robb
1965-1982: William Grenville Anderson
1982-2002: Richard McMasters Hunt
2004 – 2017: Jacqueline O’Neill

2017-          :  Margot N. Gill (interim)