Eisenhower Fellows at Harvard

November 6, 2018
Tara Benedict takes a selfie with some of the Eisenhower Fellows at HBS
In early November 2018, 18 Eisenhower Fellows from all over the world came to Harvard for 3 days of meetings with faculty arranged by the Marshal's Office. Many of them participated in a group session at Harvard Business School with William Kerr and Joseph Fuller about the Future of Work. A few also met as a group with Professor Clay Christensen about disruptive innovation in education. Tara Benedict of the Marshal's Office spent some time with them at HBS before escorting them to an election night reception co-hosted by the Institute of Politics, whose director of polling, John Della Volpe, is himself an alumnus of the Eisenhower program.
Fellows from the UK, Spain, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and China with Professor Christensen at HBS
Fellow from Thailand in discussion with Professor Kerr at HBS
All the fellows with John Della Volpe at the election night reception