Spring 2018 Institute of Politics Fellows

February 6, 2018
The Marshal's Office welcomed the six Spring 2018 resident fellows of the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Wadsworth House during their orientation week. The fellows include: Adam Conner, technology and politics expert; Ed Gillespie, former Republican National Committee chairman; Fred Hochberg, former Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the US; Betsy Hodges, former mayor of Minneapolis; Scott Jennings, CNN political commentator; and Symone Sanders, former press secretary for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

For more than half a century, Fellows participating in the semester-long program have shared views on civic engagement, and their knowledge and experience on a range of topics. Spring Fellows will lead discussions on U.S. trade policy, racial equality, policing, and local governance, the impact of technology on politics, social activism, the development of public policy from conservative and progressive frameworks, and the future of the two-party system.
(L-R): Betsy Hodges, Scott Jennings, Symone Sanders, Fred Hochberg, Margot Gill, Adam Conner, Ed Gillespie in the Parlor