News and Events

Senior Leadership Fellow Jeffrey Sanchez

February 5, 2019

Former Massachusetts State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez (MPA '11) visited Wadsworth House near the start of his term as a Senior Leadership Fellow at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

Jeff Sanchez with Margot Gill in the Wadsworth House parlor

Ambassador Hockey signs the university guest book at Wadsworth House

Ambassador of Australia to the US

February 4, 2019
Hon. Joe Hockey, Australian Ambassador to the US, visited Harvard while in Boston on business. Following a welcome at Wadsworth House, he and University Marshal Margot Gill visited President Bacow in Massachusetts Hall.
Mr. Winanto Adi with Margot Gill in the Wadsworth House Parlor

Indonesian Consul for Social-Cultural Affairs

February 1, 2019
The Consul for Social-Cultural and Information Affairs at the Indonesian Consulate General in New York, Mr. Winanto Adi, visited the Marshal's Office for a discussion about Indonesian students and researchers at Harvard.