• Wadsworth House

  • Wadsworth House Parlor

  • Malala Yousafzai and President Drew Gilpin Faust

  • University Marshal Jackie O'Neill Giving a Tour to New Harvard Faculty Members

  • Wadsworth House as it appeared between 1870 and 1875

The Office of the University Marshal reports to the President of Harvard and is responsible for organizing large-scale, University-wide events including presidential inaugurations, anniversary celebrations, and special convocations, as well as overseeing the Morning Exercises of Commencement.

The Office also supports the University’s goal of sustaining and enhancing the University’s international ties by:

  • Providing coordination and support for members of the University community who wish to invite heads of state, high-level officials, or dignitaries to Harvard;
  • Arranging appointments with faculty and/or administrators for internationals to learn about academic programs and/or administrative operations;
  • Identifying members of the University community, typically faculty or alumni, to serve as delegates representing Harvard at other institutions' ceremonial functions;
  • Advising on matters of protocol and serving as a resource for information about Harvard history, tradition, and ceremony.